Other Centers

In addition to the Ludwig Center at the University of Chicago, the Ludwig estate also founded five other centers at top medical universities around the country. The institutions chosen were Stanford University (Ludwig Center for Cancer Stem Cell Research), Harvard University/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering (Ludwig Center for Cancer Immunotherapy), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology). 

Like the Ludwig Center at the University of Chicago, each of these Centers is generously funded by the Ludwig Fund, which was designated for this purpose after the death of D.K. Ludwig in 1992. 

Before these centers were established, DK Ludwig created the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in 1971. The mission was to combine laboratory and clinical cancer research in an attempt to quicken the pace of new treatment discoveries. 

Although based in Switzerland, the Ludwig Institute has established branches all over the world, from Brussels, Belgium, to Melbourne, Australia. Each branch focuses on a particular piece of cancer research, combining clinical and laboratory studies in order to contribute the most to the cancer knowledge base.